How To Boost Your Computer Speed

Many times our computer is running very slow. This is a bothersome problem of any computer user. I have some tips to solve your problem. You think I am joking!! Now I am seriously. I want to share some tips to solve your problem. If you follow these tips so your computer will be working very fast. You also remove the bothersome problem in your computer. So now let’s go to know about these tips which tips help you to make your computer more then faster.

Do you think, how is it possible?. It is really possible. You have just need to follow our some tips and tricks.

How To Make Your Computer More Then Faster

This post I gone to share some tips about this. Now read these tips carefully to make your computer faster.


  • When you open your computer and working from long time, this reason your computer will be very slow. So you have need to boost your computer speed. Go to the “Start Menu” and open the “Run”. Now type here”Tree” and then press “Enter” button from your computer keyboard. It’s help to increase your computer’s working performance.
  • Press the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” from the keyboard for open the “Task Manager”. When the “Task Manager” is open then go to on “Process” option. This process option help you to show many programs in your computer. Now find these programs which programs you have no need to working. Select these programs and click on “End Process” for stop these programs. After closing these programs you can see your computer is working fast.

Important Tips for High Speed

  • RAM is the most important parts of any computer. If you use high speed RAM so you can see your computer is working very fast more then others computers. But if you use low capacity ram, so you can see your computer is working very slow. It’s generally happened. But you can also able to increase the “Virtual” memory and the “Virtual” memory help you to boost your computer speed. If you want to enhance “Virtual” memory of your computer’s so go to desktop first. Then press the mouse right button in the “My Computer” icon in the desktop window. Then click on “Properties”. Now go to the “Advance” tab and select the “Performance” option.  Then click on “Settings” option. Then again click on “Advance”. Now click on the “Change” option this time you can get a new window. When you get the window now change some settings. Set a size in the “Initial Size” and the “Maximum Size” in this window as your like. Then click on “Apply and Ok” for change your all settings.
  • Go to “Control Panel” from “Start Menu”. Then click on “Add or Remove” option. Now click on the “Add/remove windows components”. This time you can get a new window. Now deselect your unnecessary programs. Then select the “Accessories and Utilities” and click on the “Details” option under the window. This time you can get a new window. Now you have need to deselect these programs which programs is not necessary then click on “Ok”. Now click “Next” button. When you get a “Successful Message” then click on “Finish”.

It is our tips for boost or increase our computer speed. If you follow these tips so you can easily make your computer more then faster without installed the operating system.

So no more today. I will come with a new post. So take care friends.

Thanks to read this post.

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