How To Install Windows 10 Easily – Windows 10 Installation Process

Windows 10 Operating System now very famous operating system of Windows. Maximum number of users use Windows 10 on their Pc or Laptop. But everyone don’t know how to Install Windows 10 Easily. So this article for those people they want to install it properly.

In this post I have gone to share a very important thing. This is How To Install Windows 10 Easily. I think it is most important things for every computer user. Because windows 10 operating system is the last operating system of Microsoft Corporation. You can easily able to use the window 10 on your Computer and laptop. But if you do not know this how to setup/Install windows 10 on your computer or laptop, so it is very hard for you. Without the knowledge to install this operating system on your computer, no way to install properly in your computer. But it is very essential for every computer users.

So how can you install Windows 10 operating system on your computer? Because you don’t know to install it on your computer. Wait!! No need to thinking!! I am helping you to learn how to install windows 10 easily. So read the article carefully to install windows 10 easily.

How To Install Windows 10 Easily

You can easily learn it from this article. No need any programming language. No need to go to computer or laptop servicing office. Just read the article carefully. I have discussed it with Picture. So don’t worry now! Try to look the all picture carefully to install windows 10 easily on your computer and laptop.

Requirements to install Widows 10 in Computer and Laptop:


② A Windows 10 DVD or

③ Bootable Pen Drive or

④ Bootable Flash Drive

Want to install Windows 10 operating system so you have needed these. So manage the all requirements first then read following steps.

Run open your computer. Make First Boot as a DVD/Pendrive/Flash Drive using BIOS settings. Then insert the Windows 10 DVD in your DVD ROM device. Or use bootable Pen drive. Now restart your computer. This time you can see a message. “Press Any Key For Boot CD/DVD”. So press any key now.

1st step:

After pressing any key, this time you can see the Widows 10 Operating System disk are loading.

Some time later you can see a window like the picture below↓

How To Install Windows 10 Easily

Now click on the “Install Now” like the picture. To install Windows 10 easily.

2nd step:

After clicking on there, you can get a new window. This window wants to the License key from the DVD cover. But you have no need to give any serial number or widows key. Just click on “Skip” like the following picture↓

How To Setup Windows 10 Easily

3rd step:

In this step you can get a new window. Then you can get a new window. Now select your Widows version and click on “Next” button. Like the picture

How Can I Setup Windows 10 Easily


4th step:

Now you can get another window. Now select on “I Accept License Terms” and   click on the “Next” button. Like the picture ↓

5th Steps:

You can get a new window. Now click on “Custom” option to setup windows 10 easily. Like the picture ↓

6th Steps:

Setup Windows 10 Easily

This step is very important step. Always try to work carefully here. If you do not think carefully so you will also lost your files. So first select your hard drive to install windows 10. Try to chose to install operating system in the First drive. It is also called “Primary” partition. So now select your primary partition. Then click on the “Advance” option. Now click on “Format” option. After formatting this drive you can’t able to recover any data from this drive. So do this step very carefully. When complete the formatting then click on the “Next” button. Like the picture in below. ↓

7th Steps:

Now in this steps you can see a new window. Like the picture in below ↓

কিভাবে উইন্ডোজ ১০ সেটাপ দেওয়া যায়

The window try to tell you, your windows 10 is installing now. You have needed to wait some minutes to complete this process. It’s need estimate 20+ minutes to complete. Do not turn off your computer or laptop when it’s working. If you turn off your computer so you can’t able to Setup/install windows 10 Easily.

8th steps:

When fully completed the 7th steps you can see a window like below. ↓

This window want the License key. Now enter the license key in this box. You can get the serial key/License Key of Windows 10 in the Windows 10 DVD cover. Now type the DVD key here then click Next button. Like the picture.

Windows 10 Installation Process

9th Steps:

Wait some moments.

10th steps:

After some moments you can get a new window. This window wants who is use this Computer. So now create an user here. Just type a name and click on “Next” button. Like the picture in below ↓

11th and final Steps:

Now wait some moments. The windows 10 operating system automatically will install some apps on your computer. Do not turn off your computer when apps are installing. After installing the all Windows 10 default apps you can get your computer’s main window.

Wow! Now you have success to Setup/Install Windows 10 easily. Now you can able to Setup/Install Windows 10 easily in your computer and laptop. NO need to go to any servicing center to install windows 10.

If you learn here to Install windows 10 easily form here, so please never forget to share this article. Thanks a lots.

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