How To Find Lost Android Phone

How to find lost android phone. Guys, I think you have already know about how the post is and what I gone to share? I think this is the most important post for every Android smart phone users. What is very important for every Android smart phone users? Find Lost Android Phone. If you lost or stolen your Android smart phone so this post is very useful for you. Or if you want to make advance security for your phone from any thief, so this post also most important for you. Just read the full post carefully to make advance security or find your lost/stolen android phone. Then you can able to Find Lost Android Phone easily.

This post are ↓

  • How to find lost android phone
  • How to safe your phone from any thief.
  • How to get back your android phone from thief

My friends ask me , if any way suddenly I lost my android phone or my phone is stolen. So do you have any way to get back my android smart phone? Yes of course. You can easily able to get back your phone easily. My friend asks me how it is possible. I think it is not possible. Dear it is really 99% possible. But you have needed to do something on your android phone. Don’t worry! You have no need to buy any tracking device ☻Just read this post to Find Lost Android Phone easily.

See requirements below for how to get back lost android phone ↓

  • No need any “Tracking” device
  • No need any Cost
  • Only need an android app (Free)
  • Only Need a computer.


How To Find Lost Android Phone Easily

I hope you are fully tension free now ☺. No I want to tell you step by step which android app need for Find lost/stolen android phone and how to use it. So see details below to get back you lost or stolen android smart phone or tablet. If you want to find your lost android phone, so you have need a computer. If you don’t have. So no problem. You can do it from another android phone.

Simple Way to Find Lost Android Phone

First Steps:

You have needed a “Gmail” account. I think every android user have Gmail account. But you have not “Gmail” account, so create it fast. it is completely free.

Second Steps:

Open the “Google play store” app on your android phone. Now type “Android Device Manager” and search. Then install the “Android Device Manager” in your phone. It’s need approximately 1-2 minutes to complete the installation. You can also able to download “Android Device Manager” from others website. But you can get genuine version for your android from the “Google Play Store”. The “Android Device Manager” app is completely free☺.
Third Steps:

When the “Android Device Manager” is installation is complete. Now “Restart” your phone. Then open this app. The Android Device Manager helps us to found our lost or stolen android phone easily. Just open the app and follow next steps.

[Note: You have must be need to “enable” the “Location” settings. Just go to settings>>>Location Settings>>>Enable it. To Find Lost Android Phone easily]

Fourth Steps:

When you open the “Android Device Manager” on your phone you can see a new window like below ↓

Now click on “Guest User”. After some time you can get a new window. Now input your “Email” id and “Password” here. Then sign in here. After some seconds you can able to see your current location. That’s means now where you use the android phone, the “Android Device Manager” show you your location. It is Google map. You can also see a small “Red” icon. This icon tells you, this location your phone is currently used now.

Final Steps:

Now open your computer or another android phone or tablet. Now go here from your desktop browser. Now login here using your “Email” id and passwords which “Email id and Password” you have use in your phone in “Android Device Manager”.

When your login is complete, then you can see your phone is now where used. You can also able to see it on your another android phone.

We are success now ☺☺☺☺☺☺


If you follow these instruction or steps so you can easily able to make your phone How to safe your phone from any thief. If any time any way thief stolen you android phone, so you can easily able to Find Lost Android Phone. In this way you can also “find your lost android phone”. You can also see many options in this page when you “logged in” “Android Device Manager” from computer.


Some Unbelievable Features of “Android Device Manager”

The “Android Device Manager” is only help you to find your lost android phone. No it is not. You can find your lost android phone using Android Device Manager easily. But you can get three unbelievable features. See details below↓

  • Ring Your Phone
  • Lock Your Phone using computer
  • Erase Any Data Easily.

Ring your Phone:

“Android Device Manager” able to give ring on your phone. This ring help you to find your phone easily.

Lock Your Phone:

You can easily able to lock your phone using “Android Device Manager”. Suppose any person get your phone. So he/she do not able to open your phone. Because you locked your phone using “Android Device Manager”.


Erase Data Easily:

Suppose you have lost your android phone. But your phone has many important and secret data. If any way these data has leaked, so it is very harmful for your personal and professional life. Or some one will able to “Blackmail” you using these data. But if you install the “Android Device Manager” on your android phone, so no any person does not get the chance. Just open your computer and “login” your “Android Device Manager” . Then you can see your phone is now where in used. This time you can easily able to “Erase All Data” from your phone. This feature helps you from all confusion and all kinds of problems.


So in these ways you can easily able to find your lost android phone. And also Ring your phone, Lock your phone and Erase All data from your phone, when this phone is not in your hand.

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How To Find Lost Android Phone
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