Some Tips For Smartphone Photography

Hi, dear photography lover. How are you?. I think everybody very well. I am come with a new post. This post is only for photographers.

In this post you can find some important tips for smart phone photographer.

If you do not have any professional cameras, no problem .You can take awesome photos using the Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone etc phone. Many smart phone photographers like most from strong and weighty DSLR cameras. In this post for this people they want to use their smart phone for photography. See some tips for smart phone photographer.

Some Important Tips For Smart phone Photographer.

See some important tips here. If you follow these tips regularly so you can make your photography more enjoyable using the smart phone.


Always Clean The Lens

Finger print is the dangerous problem in any smart phone. When your finger print put in the cameras so this time you can see your captured photos is not clear. If you aware this problem so you have should need to clean the camera’s lance before capture any photos.


Focusing is the main reason of any good photos. When you want to capture any photos this time you have need to do focus. Make sure which angle you want, this angle are focus or not. If you face any trouble to focusing, try to change the focusing mode. If you change focus mode so you can get good result.


Think about what place and location you want to capture. Think about this before when you want to capture any photos. Then maintain the affect ratio which is the best for these photos. Do not still in one place, change place for which place subject is clean. Then do the focusing and take your snapshot.

Look At the Sun place

When you look the sun is give very good focus. This is the main reason of any good quality photos. At first check your camera’s lance. If your camera’s lance is in font of the sun, if you take snapshot this time. You can’t get good quality photos. You can also see your captured photos are not clear. If you want to solve this problem so always avoid the sunbeam.

Use Flash when it is Needed

The smart phone’s flash is not professional flash. Janon light is used in the smartphone flash this flash will be make any problem when you want to take any photos. Some time you can get good result of any photos for the sun light. If you want to take any photos in the darkness so this time the flash is very essential. Always keep difference from you and content. If you do not keep difference so your photos will be disported for overexposed.

Hold The Camera Straight

Hold your camera after taking photos. Because camera take some time to process. So it is an essential for capturing any photos.

Discontinued From Zooming

Zooming is the important feature of any smart phone. If your smart phone has very strong zooming power, so do not zoom any photos. If you zooming any photos , this time you can see your photos become digital enhanced and your captured photos will be rapture easily. If you need to zooming so do not zoom and go to near of the content. Which content you want to capture in your phone.

Use Android Photo Editing Apps

You can see some photo editing apps is installed by the default. But you can also able to use extra photo editing apps. You can get many apps in the “Google Play Store” for photo editing. There you can get many apps completely free. But I suggest to you to use –Photoshop touch, Snapseed, Perfectly, Instagram, Vignette or Camera360 apps. You can see details a post about these Camera apps. Click here to read this post about some camera apps.

If you use these apps so you can get better result.


Dear photographer if you follow these tips, so you can able to take awesome photos using your smart phone. You can get photos like digital cameras. You have no need to buy any digital camera.

Some Tips For Smartphone Photography
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