Turn Off Auto Play Easily

How to turn off  auto play Easily

Auto play is a program in any kinds of operating system. When you insert Memory Card or pen Drive on your computer you can see the auto play. It is a helpful program in our computer .But some time any viruses get chance to inter in our computer fro this auto play.

When you insert any kinds of portable device like , Memory card, pen Drive, or any kinds of VCD/CD/DVD you can see your computer is want to scan your computer. But auto play can’t delete or remove any viruses from any kinds of portable storage or drives.


Many time the Auto Play Waste our time. When Auto Play running on your computer you can see your computer is working very slow!! If you insert your Memory card on your computer then you look automatically a program is run on your computer .This program do not give permission to work any program easily.

So Auto Play is very bad program in our computer.

In this post we learn about how to Turn Off Auto Play Easily .

How To Turn Off Auto Play Easily

We can turn off the Auto Play easily. No need to learn any programming language. We can stop this without any Programming language. How can it possible?


It is possible!!! If want to protect this problem, so please follow our easy tips for Auto Play easily.


Let us come to the main point.

Let us come to the main point.


1st steps: At first go to “Run” menu. You can get “run” menu by these steps>>> Click on “Start” menu>> then you can get “Run” option , so now click on “run”. Or press “Windows key+R” to get the “Run” menu easily. When you get the run menu, now type following words>>>> “GPEDIT.MSC” (Without The Quote) and hit “Enter” button or click on “Ok” for next steps.


2nd Steps: When you type “GPEDIT.MSC” (Without The Quote) and hit “Enter” button or click on “Ok” , you can get a new window or menu. This is “Group Policy” menu.. Now click on “User Configuration” and follow the next steps.

3rd Steps: When you click on “User Configuration” option this time you get other three options .These is “Software settings, Windows Settings, Administrative Templates”. Now we have need to click on “Administrative Templates” for turn off Auto play!

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4th steps : When you select “Administrative Templates” you can see seven other options.

  • Windows Components
  • Start menu and Taskbar
  • Desktop
  • Control Panel
  • Shared Document
  • Network
  • System


This is all options under the “Administrative Templates” options. This time we just need to click on “System” option. Now follow the next steps.


5th steps: If you click on  “System” option so you can see many options. Please double click on turn off auto play under from the “system” menu. When you click on “turn off auto play “ you can get a new dialogue box. Now you can see “turn off auto play properties” This menu help us to solve this problem.



6th and final steps: When you click on turn off auto play you can see the auto play is enabled by windows default. If you want to free from the auto play so select on “Disable” options and click on apply and ok. Then refresh your computer.


Our all steps are complete! Now insert any portable device on your computer.

Wow!!!! We are successful!!! We couldn’t see the “auto Play”.

If you want to enable the auto play again, so follow these all steps and change only one option on the “6th Steps”. Where you select on “disable” replace “Enable” for turn on auto play.

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Turn Off Auto Play Easily
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